Since 1991, we've been geeking out with video cameras, gear and post-production equipment, always looking to push the envelope, not only through technology but also through innovative storytelling. (It still helps to have cool gear, though.)


Whether you're a band working on a music video or a bride and groom preparing for the big day, we'll work with you prior to the shoot, gathering your ideas and sketching out concepts to make everything flow smoothly. Once we have a good plan together, the budget is presented and preparation leads to the next stage.


Our main camera is the Sony VX-2000, a workhorse of the entertainment industry that captures digital video of broadcast quality and high-fidelity stereo sound.


  • 72mm lens
  • 3 CCD optical sensor
  • 48 x digital zoom
  • Image stabilizer
  • 16bit (48KHz / 2 channels), 12bit (32KHz / 4 channels simultaneously) PCM digital sound
  • Memory Stick for stills
  • Additional wide angle 0.5X HD lens with macro
  • Mini DV format


Our secondary camera is the Sony TRV-260, a small-yet-powerful shot maker that provides extra support on multi-camera shoots. Fully digital with stereo sound, this little wonder delivers vibrant colors and compliments the visuals of its bigger, fancier bro.


  • 37mm lens
  • 1/16 CCD optical sensor
  • 20 x optical zoom
  • Night Shot feature
  • Digital 8 format

Graphic courtesy of Cryin' Out Loud Productions


When it comes to cool accessories, it doesn't get much cooler than the Steadicam JR! This is the consumer-grade version of the same camera rig used by Hollywood professionals the world over. Basically, the Steadicam isolates body movement from the camera, allowing for smooth, gliding shots that would be at home in a big-budget motion picture! Whether running up stairs or riding in a car on a bumpy road, the result is a shot that seems as if the camera is on invisible rails. We love it - you will too!



Once everything is captured on tape, we take all the footage and, based on your vision, begin to edit it together. Our post-production suite uses a Mac G4 Quicksilver running Final Cut Pro HD software; an industry-standard application. As your production takes form, you'll be given "light copies" to view in order to guide it towards the finished state. Depending on the nature of the video, we'll add titles, animations, effects, music, do color-correction and audio equalization that'll result in a broadcast-ready production which will dazzle all who view it!


We love what we do, and it shows in every project that we take on. We think you'll love what we do too!












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