The proof is, as they say, in the pudding. Below, we proudly offer several different flavors of pud! All videos are Quicktime files. Quicktime for Mac and Windows can be downloaded for free here.

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J.O.B. Entertainment Production Intro (:33)

This is a very simple logo sequence that we use in our productions. It's followed by a dramatic animation that leads up to our slogan: "get the job done."

Snackdaddy - "Extrasensory" (5:17)

This fun project, directed and shot by Bing Futch, was completed in one day and was awarded "Video Of The Year" at the 2005 SSA Awards. The ghost effects were achieved without using animation.

Trendkill - "Betrayal" (3:41)

Here is a hybrid music video where we shot a live performance of the band and blended it with a studio recording of the song and establishing shots around the Hard Rock Casino.

Double First Cousins - "Bottle In The Car" (3:26)

This is the simplest kind of music video that we do: two-camera live shoot with available audio. For a duo like Double First Cousins, this works exceptionally well.

"Chief Bearpaw IV: The Big Debut" (1:43)

In 2005, we provided production assistance on a video for world-famous horse trainer/performer Gaylord Maynard, also known as "The Theatrical Horseman." This is a clip from the DVD which is sold at the Arabian Nights dinner show in Kissimmee, Florida.

"Meds" Trailer (2:10)

Written, directed and shot by Bing Futch, "Meds" is a dark comedy concerning two women and the drugs that take them. Produced in 2002, the short was one of 16 semi-finalists out of a field of 100 entered into an industry contest.

Wedding Videos (1:17)

A brief look at some of our wedding shoots, this clip shows that we specialize in tropical events!

"Man About Town" Promo (2:27)

Featuring music by Madness and Big Shirley, this whimsical look at Orlando, Florida life was for a proposed 2003 cable series.

"On The Front Line: The Quantum Leap Weekend" Trailer (1:27)

Shot in 1992 by Bing Futch, this documentary takes an up-close look at one wild weekend in Hollywood, California as cast, crew and fans of the t.v. show "Quantum Leap" gather together for the first time.

The Magic Of Joseph Constantine (1:47)

A promo reel for Orlando illusionist Joseph Constantine

Fiascos Dinner Show Commercial (2:49)

Fiascos Dinner Show was a high-concept attraction that was tough to advertise without giving away "the secret." In this ad, shown locally in Orlando, Florida, we show teasing glimpses of the action with healthy portions of audience reaction.

"The Show Must Go On" Reel (11:59)

When a British inventor attempts to open a dinner show attraction in Orlando, Florida, he is caught up in a losing battle with Murphy's Law. This reel is used for pitching the reality show about the wild and hilarious struggle to open the Fiascos attraction.

"Toastin'" Preview (2:51)

One of the first reality shows produced, this seven episode series focused on the lives of three Generation Xers in their quest for life, love and happiness on planet Earth.

The Possibility Does Exist Promo (1:13)

Commercial for a concert tour series in Florida.

"Disney Overload" Promo (:54)

The Disney Overload home video series featured an in-depth look at the Disney theme parks. Eight episodes were produced.

Testimonials Reel (3:38)

Some of our clients give feedback on their projects in this reel featuring a variety of images from videos.







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